Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Studio Work


A photographer friend of mine recently moved to the area and brought all of her studio equipment with her.  The only problem is that she doesn't have a studio space in her new house.  So she asked me if I'd be interested in setting up a studio at my house.  Of course I said yes!  I've always been a natural light photographer and have never wanted to stray from that.  But sometimes life hands you an opportunity and you just have to leap.  So I'm once again stepping out of my comfort zone with photography and exploring something new.  

Today was my first day playing around with the lights and the background.  It's so nice having my friend to teach me because then I don't have to start from scratch.  In the picture above, we were experimenting with getting my son's hair lit correctly so that his head doesn't just fade into the dark background.  We did get the lighting correct a few shots later, but I loved this shot so much because it really shows his personality.  And showing the subjects true personality is what I strive to do with all of my photos.  

And this photo of Milo is just a bonus photo for the day.  He was a little nervous because the floor I used was very slippery.  So it was good practice for me to work on convincing him to do something he really didn't want to do as well as giving me a chance to work with the lighting.  And he's one of my favorite subjects so you know I never get tired of photographing him:)

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  1. Wow, what a neat opportunity for you! I can't wait to see some more studio work.