Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flowers, Mulch & More Mulch


So this is what I've been working on lately.  First I built a pathway from my driveway, through my front yard and up to my doorstep.  That pathway created a large space between it and the existing flower beds that was just screaming to me to do something with it.  So I decided I'd plant a few flowers and a few bushes in there.  I started by tilling up the whole area.  Then I added a row of Snapdragons along the border of the pathway.  Then I planted a few rows of Salvia behind the Snapdragons.  The Salvia are what you see in this picture.  Then I filled the area with mulch.  Lots and lots of mulch.  Mulch which I have to move by the wheelbarrow full from my side yard over to my front yard.  I lost track of how many loads I've taken to the new flower bed so far but I'm sure I have at least 30 more to do.  I'm kinda sick of moving mulch already.

And now for a bonus picture so you can see how the whole thing looks.

It's far from done.  I need to add more rock to the pathway.  I need to fix the solar lights that my lovely friend installed for me because their kinda crooked.  And most importantly I need to buy many, many more plants.  And then move lots and lots of mulch:)  I can't wait until next summer when all the plants will be more mature and filled in so I can see my vision come to life.

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