Saturday, May 28, 2011



What do you do when it's 110 degrees outside?  We go to the opening of the pool early in the day before it hits 110.  We went around noon when it was only 90 degrees out which sounds hot but is actually much more tolerable than 20 degrees warmer.  That was a good move because we were pleasantly surprised by a free lunch at the pool to celebrate its opening.  A free lunch will always make this mom's day!  And then, later in the day when it does actually hit 110, we go to:

The kids have been bugging me for a year to go to Dairy Queen when it reopens.  We live in a tiny town and our Dairy Queen closed down shortly after we got a Sonic.  Personally, I don't think the town can support both, but someone bought the DQ and reopened it so we'll see what happens.  So yesterday the kids finally got their wish.  And since it was crazy hot outside, I was happy to oblige.  Today is supposed to be just as hot so we might have to have a repeat of yesterday's activities.  

Technical Notes:  Both of these pictures were taken with my phone (Palm Pixi).

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