Monday, March 21, 2011

You Lookin' at Me?


This snake had his fangs removed and his mouth sewn shut but he still scared the begeebees out of me when he started giving me the eye!  Let me tell you, rattlesnakes are some seriously scary creatures. This one was being used to teach snake avoidance to the dogs at the training day we went to on Saturday.  If I had to pick just one thing I hate about Texas, it would be the rattlesnakes.  The first day I moved into our house here there was a rattlesnake in our yard and black widow spiders all over the back porch.  Which prompted me to think, "Why did I want to live in the country?"  Thankfully a good dousing of bug spray keeps the creepy crawlies at bay.  And the World's Best Mouser keeps the rattlesnakes away.  No mice equals no food for the snakes.  Which is a good thing because my two boys were so enthralled with this rattlesnake I'm certain they would've been bitten if the snake would've been able to.


  1. How does the snake eat if the mouth is sewn shut?

    Snakes give me the heebee jeebees too.

  2. That is one seriously awesome photo. And I'm glad *you* were the one to take it, not me! I'm great with getting near icky things, but not so much with the rattlesnake!