Saturday, March 12, 2011




This little cutie pie is named Nike.  She belongs to a Weimaraner field trainer that I take Milo to sometimes to work on his hunting skills.  Nike is such a little sweetie and a miracle baby too.  She had an aggressive tumor in her mouth and ended up needing a partial mandibulectomy.  So now she's left with this adorable long tongue that hangs out the side of her mouth where she's missing part of her lower jaw.  I think it just adds to her character and makes her even cuter than she already was.  She's a little ball of fire and hasn't lost any of her zest for life.  Just don't tell her it's not normal to have your tongue hanging out like that;)


  1. What a cute girl! I am so glad to see Nike doing GREAT.

  2. My goodness she is soooo adorable! <3