Monday, March 14, 2011

The Best Cupcakes Ever!



My little boy turned 4 recently.  Ohhhhh, it almost kills me to say that:(  But he did have a great birthday party which included the best cupcakes I've ever tasted.  And more importantly, the best frosting I've ever tasted!  My friend Molly is the genius behind these delectable little cakes.  The frosting is made from Ghirardelli cocoa and it was absolutely divine!  My 7 year old nephew who rarely speaks (ok not rarely but he's just so darn quiet) was absolutely compelled by the deliciousness to stop eating his cupcake and announce across the room to Molly that she makes good cupcakes.  So thank you Molly for bringing your fabulous cupcakes and your beautiful family to the party.  

And today my son followed up by eating the next best thing to cupcakes which were some delicious strawberries.  You can see he's totally thrilled with them!

My apologies for the lack of technical notes on the pictures but it will be that way all week.  I'm super busy this week and have barely had time to post my photos.  So I'm going to make things a little easier on myself and skip the technical notes for now.  Thanks for reading despite my laziness:)


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed the cupcakes! You were so wonderful to invite us; your family is just the sweetest. Can I ask what you photographed the cupcakes in for that texture? Is that sugar?

  2. I wish I would've thought of spreading sugar around to photograph them in! That would've been a good idea. But no, it's just a towel because I didn't have anything else for a neutral background. I actually tried to smooth out the texture as much as possible in the editing process so it didn't distract the eye too much.