Saturday, March 5, 2011




I LOVE painting my walls because it's the easiest, cheapest way to give a room a facelift.  Except that I've repainted my living room wall 3 times in the last month because I can't decide on a color :/  So if you do it like that then it's not cheap.  But I've finally picked out a good color.....I think.  No really, no more repainting.  I finally picked a lovely shade of green that I really like and that added some much needed brightness and color to the room.    

Picture #63 is because I love seeing all those paint cans lined up and just imagining all the fun possibilities.  Picture #64 is the boys waiting oh so patiently for our paint to be done mixing.  By the way, if you ever take your camera to Home Depot and just start randomly photographing the merchandise, be prepared for some weird looks!

Technical Notes:  Nikon D70, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G, ISO 200, 50mm, f/2, 1/50 on pic #63, 1/125 on pic #64, White Balance adjusted in editing.

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  1. Your son is too cute, I like the bokeh in the photo too.

    Yikes, 3 times!
    We have light sage green in our living/dinning/kitchen. Some days I want to change it, but don't want to spend the money.