Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Storm Trio




Clearly I got very behind on my pictures over the last several days!  But I'm making up for it today.  Today is Easter and we were blessed with some much needed rain.  But that rain also came with gigantic hail in addition to tornado warnings.  We joined some friends for dinner and were interrupted by the sound of hail on the roof.  So we ran outside to the back porch to watch the storm.  Isn't it funny that the first thing we do when we hear severe weather is to run outside to get a better look at it?  The storm started with rain and hail, then it all stopped and the sky got very angry as you can see in the last picture. The girls kept their eyes on the clouds and worried about every movement we saw that looked rotational in nature.  Thankfully no tornadoes emerged near us.  And then it started raining and hailing again.  And then it stopped.  And then it started again.  So in the end it was just a fun adventure and we ended up moving the Easter egg hunt inside.  Which didn't dampen the fun even one bit!

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  1. What effects did you use on the sky picture?