Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before and After



Ok, these are just snapshots because I've been super busy the last few days and haven't had much time.  These are pictures of my youngest son getting his hair cut today.  He said he wanted it short for the summer, but you can see the scowl on his face in the second picture because his haircut was taking too long and he was over it.  Who knew 4 year olds could be so moody.

On a technical note, this would've been a good situation to use a custom white balance.  You can see the difference in color between the 2 pictures and neither one of them are correct in my opinion.  A custom white balance would've worked well and I would've gotten more accurate skin tones.  But unfortunately when you're just taking snapshots, you don't always have time to set a custom white balance.  So it's something that can usually be fixed in editing later.  Most of the time though I prefer to correct as little as possible in editing.  

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  1. Love it!!!! I wouldn't of believed he actually wanted his hair short.