Friday, June 24, 2011

Practicing and Experimenting



For me, photography is a constant learning process.  I don't care how much I know or think I know, there is always more to be learned.  So I decided to take my camera along with me to swimming lessons today.  I knew the light would be extremely bright causing harsh highlights and shadows.  But I wanted the challenge of it.  The first picture is a result of that experiment.

The second picture is Milo patiently posing for me while I adjusted my studio lighting in preparation for a few upcoming photo shoots.  He's such a good sport and willingly hops up and back down again when I ask him to.  I wonder what my clients would think if they knew I used Milo as my model to prepare for their photo shoots?  Especially since I'm preparing for a maternity photo shoot!

A quick note.  I've noticed that when I upload pictures to this blog, since I reduce the quality of the photo to make it a faster upload, there are definitely aspects of the photo that are lost in translation.  For example the first picture is sharper and has brighter colors when I view the original on my computer.  If you click on the picture to view it at a larger size, it seems to look a lot better.  So I suggest doing that for best viewing the details.


  1. I think Flickr makes my photos look a lot better than blogger does! You can just copy paste the HTML when you are posting them... and you can upload to Flickr with iPhoto. It's really easy.

  2. Amy, as usual great pics of great models! Love the water running out of the mouth...and Milo is just as stunning and laid back as always.