Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching Up




Whew!  I've been having too much fun and I've gotten so far behind on posting my photos.  I'm still taking pictures every day though.  Ok, the first picture is my latest addition to the landscaping in front of my house.  I've wanted a fountain forever but I just can't ever make up my mind which one to buy.  So I finally took the plunge and bought one that I liked.  

The second picture is a bottle of olive oil that my husband brought back from Greece last year.  I love olive oil and I cook with it a lot.  That particular night I was making pizza and the recipe for the dough involves several tablespoons of olive oil and it is deeeelicious!  I also prefer to use olive oil on the crust instead of pizza sauce.  

And the last picture is a picture of the pizza I made.  I like this particular crust to be a little bit thinner because it tastes better that way.  So this one turned out a little bit thick but it was still yummy.  If anyone is interested in the recipe just e-mail me and I'll send it to you.  You do have to plan ahead though because the dough needs time to rise.  So if planning ahead isn't your specialty (it's certainly not mine) then you shouldn't use this recipe or you should just realize that you're going to eat dinner at 8:30 like we did.

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