Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pool Time!


This is a picture I took of my baby before swimming lessons.  He's doing so much better this year and is really getting brave and learning how to swim.  He's gone from screaming like we were torturing him while his daddy carried him into the water 2 years ago, to now showing off for his swimming teacher by swimming with his face in the water and even going down the water slide. 

I remember going to swimming lessons with my brother when we were kids.  Every year I'd go and work so hard but for some reason they never let me advance past the beginners class.  And every year my brother would move up.  I never could figure out why.  It might be part of the reason that I still doggy paddle to this day.  I'm not permanently scarred from it or anything.  The best part about swimming lessons though was that my mom was awesome and always gave us a Tootsie Pop afterwards!  I'm not nearly as cool of a mom to my kids because my kids have sugar issues.

By the way, this picture was taken with my new phone.  It takes much better pictures than my old phone so I'm very pleased that I don't have to lug my camera along to swimming lessons and risk it getting wet.


  1. Swimming should already be treat enough! A hot summer day, splashing away with the friends...

  2. It is important that they CAN swim. When I was little we moved to a house with a pool and it was on a canal and I HAD to learn how to swim quickly. That was back in the day parents dropped their kids off at the YMCA and were not allowed to stay...we all got thrown in and learned how to keep you head above water in no time. This seems like a lot more fun.