Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Love Post...a Bit Late


Aren't those stamen fascinating?  Ha!  Have you heard that word since your elementary school science class?  Ok, maybe since junior high science.  I was actually amazed that I remembered what those little black puffs of photographic goodness were called.  I did have to google it though just to make sure I was right.  I wouldn't want my biologist sister-in-law to e-mail me and tell me how scientifically inferior I am to her.  Not that she would really do that...ummmm, at least I don't think she would.

Anyway, my wonderful husband sent me flowers on Valentine's Day and I just needed to wait a few days for them to open up before I photographed them.  I love that he included tulips in the arrangement instead of just the standard dozen roses.  Tulips always remind me of spring time and the promise of new growth.  So here's to love and the promise of new growth.  (No Sweety, that's not code for me wanting to have another baby.)

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty, what a sweet hubby you have!
    LOL @ you all excited over stamen, you're such a nerd (I <3 nerds!).
    I love tulips. Living in the tundra, mine won't bloom until late April!