Thursday, February 24, 2011

The 5 year old takes over the kitchen


I've been completely wiped out today by some nasty bug.  So tonight, my wonderful 5 year old son is my hero.  He volunteered to make me dinner.  He made me soup.  Ok, it was out of a can but he's 5.  He opened the can himself, poured it into a bowl, and put it in the microwave.  And somehow at dinner when he was bragging about how he made dinner for us, it turned into that he actually went to the grocery store himself and bought the food.  Typical man, always exaggerating.

Well, he did make dinner rolls too.  They were from the freezer but he did a great job placing them on the baking sheet and buttering the tops of them.  AND, he set the table and got us all drinks.  Ok all you 5 year old ladies out there, I'm grooming a fabulous husband for one of you.  You can thank me when he's 30 and I finally let him start dating.

Technical Notes:  Nikon D70, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G, ISO 400, f/2.5, 1/60, Flash used, White Balance set to Flash


  1. What about 3yo ladies? Does he do foot rubs? She really likes foot rubs. I hope you feel better soon, Amy!

  2. What a sweetie pie! Get well soon.

  3. Good luck on hanging on to him till he's 30.

  4. There is nothing quite like a man in the kitchen. He will indeed make a fab husband someday, but for now- he's all yours! =0) Hope you are feeling much better.

  5. Can you just pack him in a flat rate box and let me keep him for a while. It's impressive that he can do the rolls in the oven too!