Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!


I've been on this earth for 33 years now.  My mom reminds me every year on this day how much pain I put her through while giving birth to me.  Apparently I decided to take my sweet time and was fashionably late to my own party. I guess in 33 years not much has changed.  I still make the world revolve around my arrival - just ask my family who always has to change plans at the last minute because something has changed with my schedule;)  I'm kidding, sort of.  I don't actually think the world revolves around me.  But I do cause a lot of plans to change just because of the nature of my life.  Thanks to all my family and friends for putting up with me for this long:)


  1. Happy Birthday Amy!!! I love the cupcakes and candles!
    I didn't know if it was yesterday or today...
    Hope you had a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday Amy! 33 years? You are just a young pup. I hope you had a wonderful day, and Mmmmmmm....cupcakes.

    PS- Yea,for comments. =0)