Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I snapped this picture of Milo this evening while we were out in search of the grouse again.  The birds were about 50 yards away, hence the head high point.


  1. lovely! Looks like the move to NE is working out well for you guys ...especially for your huntin' boy!!

    Quick question since I've yet to actually hunt with a dog (I just observe/walk the braces during tests: What do you do with the grouse once you've shot it and Milo's retrieved it? Do you freeze it for future retreiving practice?

  2. I personally don't like to use frozen dead birds in practice. And we make it a policy not to shoot anything we won't eat. So we eat the grouse. My husband makes an incredible grouse stew. Since we only got one yesterday, we put it in the fridge so we could try to get a few more before making stew.

    I do know that some people freeze dead birds for retrieving practice later. Milo is a natural retriever so he makes life pretty easy in that realm. I can practice with dummies and then he converts to real life retrieving situations easily. So I don't feel the need to use frozen dead birds plus I think it's pretty gross;) Just a personal preference.