Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paw It Forward

Milo received some wonderful gifts in the mail today from his friends June & Haze and their weima-mama Kelly Ann.  June is world famous for her blog called Hot Dog Junie.  She asked for volunteers a while back for Paw It Forward.  So we raised our paw and signed up.  June & Haze sent us some wonderful gifts and now it's our turn to Paw It Forward.  More details on that at the end.  First, pictures!

(These are pictures 224-233 for anyone who's counting;)

"Allright mom, I'm outta here!  I'm tired of posing for silly pictures!"

"Oooo, what's all this?"

"This ball looks pretty cool!"

"Hmmm, it tastes pretty good but I can't seem to eat it."

"Let me try again."

"It's official, it's not edible.  Maybe I should check out some of the other treats."

"Fine, just one picture with my cool new collar.  But I'm NOT looking at the camera!"

"Now we're talking, something I can eat!  C'mon Mom, just give me the treat already."

"I really want this but mom hasn't told me ok yet!"

"Yes!  Finally!  The good stuff!"

Thank you June, Haze and Kelly Ann for all the delicious treats!  Milo loved them and is staring at me as I type demanding more of that duck & potato treat!  Now for us to Paw It Forward.  If you want to sign up, here's how it works:  

1.  Comment on this blog post saying that you want to play.  Then e-mail me with your name and address.
2.  Once you get your package, you MUST blog about your gifts!  If you don't have a blog already, you'll be required to enter the blogosphere and start blogging!
3.  In your own blog post, ask for 3 of your friends to play so we can keep pawing it forward.

Ok, first three to enter get to play!  Ready, GO!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Milo!
    Glad you enjoyed your treats! Sounds like a
    PAW-RECT game to play. We'd love to join the fun.
    Wet kisses and belly rubs
    Cooper & Cristi