Friday, July 29, 2011

Cue the Tissues

Ok, so here is the much anticipated post!  Two days ago, I welcomed my wonderful husband home from his 4th deployment.  For the past 6 1/2 months, my boys and I have been living life without the joy of having our husband and daddy in our day to day lives.  We are a strong family, but life is so much sweeter with him home.  Since this is a blog about pictures that I take everyday, I'm going to first share with you the pictures I took of our dear friends welcoming home their husband & dad.

Here he comes!  I spotted him on the stairs getting off the plane and commenced the wild screaming of his name and pointing at his wife.  It was so much fun for me to be there to capture these incredibly emotional moments.

The first kiss.

A family reunited.

My girlfriend and I had already instructed our husbands that they could NOT get off the plane together.  We both wanted to take pictures for each other and that wouldn't work too well if they got off the plane at the same time.  So as soon as they had enough hugs and kisses, I handed my girlfriend my camera and began looking for my husband.  Here's a picture she snapped of me looking anxiously.

I wasn't crying uncontrollably yet in this picture:)  I finally spotted him but he couldn't see me yet because I was near the back of the crowd.  It seemed like forever as I watched him scan the crowd for me.  He wasn't close enough for me to yell so I finally started waving my hands in the air and he spotted me.  First was hugs for the boys because they couldn't wait to see their daddy again.

And finally, a long awaited hug and kiss for me.  

It was well worth the wait.  As hard as deployments are, the homecoming makes everything better again.  The relief and happiness that I feel each time he lands on American soil again is overwhelming.  I'm so grateful for my husband because he's the best husband in the world to me.  He's strong and brave and incredibly devoted to his family and his country.  I love him for all of these things and I'm so happy to have him home again. 


  1. This is a happy post indeed! Many thanks to your husband for serving our country!

  2. Thanks, Amy! You made me cry. :) This is so sweet. I am so glad to see him home safely.

  3. What an incredible post! Welcome home and many thanks.

  4. Welcome home!!! Thank you for your service. I've kept him in my prayers this past year. So glad he is home safely with you and the boys again; a complete happy home once again :)

  5. Awwww, how sweet, you made me cry. Mom