Thursday, July 21, 2011



Tonight I met up with some of my favorite Weimaraner people!  They have 3, yes an amazing 3 Weimaraners.  And a few human kids on top of all that.  You might think their house was totally crazy with all that going on, but actually, it's quite peaceful.  This is Cache, who is a bit of a naughty boy and got himself into quite a bit of trouble today.  I'm thinking that's why he posed so nicely for this picture.  He needed to show his mama his good side.  I've included the same picture with a different color scheme below just because I really couldn't decide which one I liked better.  Feel free to shout out your favorite in the comments.


  1. Well, what else can you do, but lay around after eating a WHOLE LOAF of bread? I think you can see in this photo that he looks calm, but is a total lunatic. Thanks for coming over tonight! Come back soon!

  2. Love the color version! LOL @ his expression/eyes.
    Naughty dogs are my fav, they know how to steal your heart :)