Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall & Milo

I absolutely love all the falling leaves and the gorgeous fall colors right now.  And what I love even more, is that I live in a place where we actually have the fall season! With all the leaves on the ground, in my undying effort to be a fun mom, I've been raking up big leaf piles for the boys to play in.  And today I let Milo get in on the fun too.

He's such a good, well behaved dog.  He jumped right into the pile and laid down when I asked him to.  He knew there wouldn't be any fun until Mom got her nice picture!

And then the fun began!

My youngest son screamed with glee when he threw the leaves in the air and Milo started trying to catch them.

I tried to get some pictures of my boys too, but our pile ended up being so tall that I could barely see them as they ran, jumped and then disappeared in it.  I almost, almost channeled my inner child and jumped into the pile myself.  But then my camera hanging around my neck quickly squashed that childish urge:)

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